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The advertising agency ARTINA located in Mondsee, Austria, creates individual graphic design solutions. We love to combine elements from Print,- Web-, Product- and Textiledesign as well as Illustrations in atypic ways. Crossover-Design means: quit dull old Stories!

These companies fancy our taste:

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As an Appetizer

Fancy an Appetizer?


You do already have a Corporate Design
We handle your existing Corporate Design with utmost care and create your Image Brochures, Flyers, Product Information Sheets or Fact Sheets, Technical Reports and Exhibition Booths in your unmistakable company look. Well, a modest Relaunch of an ageing Corporate Design can help to revive respectively achieve a modern Image noticed by your potential customers.

You are just starting your Business
Congratulations! – We would be pleased to help you during one of the most decisive stages: the set up of your company – the development and implementation of your Corporate Identity. We design your unique Logo, complemented by a consistent Business Stationery, Folders, Product Folders, Give Aways and your modern, user-friendly and easy to find website.

You want to stage your Products and Textiles
Your are very welcome to benefit from our several years of experience in Packaging-/Product- and Textile Design. Moreover, we are familiar with all stages in the production process to achieve your Unique Product. Our close cooperation with the expert for high value pattern design – – helps us to provide designs for all kinds of products.

A Feast for the Eyes – our Projects

Big fish and small delicacies.

Print & more

Case Studies for Commend international
Case Studies for Commend international

Commend international /// Ingredients: Case Studies / Product Folder / Branding Concepts

Palfinger Marine

"ARTINA succeeds in staging our products with catchy slogans and designs according to our Corporate Identity."

Sabine Jabinger, Marketing manager / Palfinger Marine

Palfinger Marine /// Ingredients: Product Folder / Brochures / Advertising / Campaigning / Booth Design / Image Editing

Exhibit Booth Design

Palfinger Wind /// Ingredients: Exhibit Booth Design / Lightboxes / Photo Editing

Claro Visitenkarten

Claro /// Ingredients: Business Card Design / Illustration

Showroom Design for BWT

BWT water+more /// Ingredients: Showroom Boards / POS

BWT POS retail store shelf

BWT water+more /// Ingredients: POS Design / Shelf Strips / Wobbler / Shelf Flag

BWT Exhibit Booth Design

BWT water + more /// Ingredients: Exhibit Booth Design

BWT POS Design

BWT water + more /// Ingredients: POS Design / Column / Demobar / Backwall

BWT Kalkbooklet

BWT water+more /// Ingredients: Print Design / Booklet / Image Editing

Palfinger systems Corporate Design

Palfinger systems /// Ingredients: Fact sheets / Job reports / Folder / Note Pads / Poster / Ad Campaign / Booth Design / Website

Exhibition Booth Design for Palfinger systems

Palfinger systems /// Ingredients: Exhibition Booth Design / Photo Editing

Pattern Design

Pattern Design /// Ingredients: Textile Design / Logo / Business Card / Flyer / Website / Book / Google Adwords

Pattern Design Messestand

Pattern Design /// Ingredients: Exhibit Booth Design


FMV /// Ingredients: Slogan / Image Brochure / Advertisement / Business Card

Aroha Visitenkarte

Aroha Consulting /// Ingredients: Logo / Business Card

Volto Logodesign and Business Cards

Volto /// Ingredients: Logo Design / Business Cards

Orthofit Corporate Design

"Artina created our Corporate Design which more than meets our expectations. Especially our Sales Staff enjoys using the representative Product Folders and Product Sheets."

Christopher Oberascher / Orthofit

Orthofit /// Ingredients: Corporate Design / Logo / Product Folder / Product Sheets / Website

Orthofit Rollups

"Especially for trade fairs the Orthofit Rollups are a great opportunity to draw through a continous line of our Corporate Design."

Christopher Oberascher / Orthofit

Orthofit /// Ingredients: Logo / Rollup Design / Image Editing / Illustration

Conextra Visitenkarte

Conextra GmbH /// Ingredients: Logo / Business Card

Leitner Ergomoebel Corporate Design

"Artina is our perfect partner regarding to graphical support. Sparkling ideas for scheduled advertising or new approaches to improve our CI have already paid off."

Brigitte Leitner, Marketing & Sales / Leitner Ergomöbel

Leitner Ergomöbel /// Ingredients: Product Folder / Fact Sheets / Corporate Pattern / Corporate Dress / Textile Design

Wildenecker Logodesign Banner and Board

Wildenecker Metallbau /// Ingredients: Logo Design / Board / Banner


Priscilla Loidolt-Mosser /// Ingredients: Logo / Business Cards / Folder / Signage


"ARTINA's enthusiasm and expertise made a major contribution to set up my business."

Ernesto Lomio, Owner / Ernesto, Kultur des Genusses

Ernesto, Kultur des Genusses /// Ingredients: Logo / Division Logos / Stationery / Business Cards / Bottle lables / Signage / Rollups

Carolin Pumberger Visitenkarten

Carolin Pumberger /// Ingredients: Logo / Business Card

Law Firm Kaps

Kanzlei Kaps /// Ingredients: Logo / Business Cards / Stationery

TUINA Massage

"With ARTINA´s creative Logo Design as well as the perfect Design of my advertsing materials, a professional start of my business was easygoing!"

Ursula Weixler / TUINA Massage

TUINA Massage /// Ingredients: Logo / Business Cards / Voucher

Neue Mittelschule Mondsee

New Secondary School Mondsee /// Ingredients: Fact Sheets / Presentation / Poster


Web Design

Pattern Design
Pattern Design

"Artina meets our diverse graphical requests - both for print and for web - in very satisfactory results. In addition to the constructive collaboration, the fair and transparent price-quality ratio in combination with the results (e.g. are strong arguments to work with Artina."

Mag. Martin Gadermeier, CEO / Pattern Design

Pattern Design /// Ingredients: Responsive Design / Onlineshop / Flat Design


"Artina exceeded our expectations with creative ideas and excellent outworking."

DI(FH) Raffael Niedermüller / Conextra GmbH

Conextra GmbH /// Ingredients: Logo / Responsive Webdesign / Image Editing / Iconography

Aroha Consulting

"Professionalism with heart - that was how I experienced the collaboration with Artina. With a lot of ambition, technical know-how and artistic talent Artina enabled me a perfect customized public image. Thanks a lot for that!"

Mag. (FH) Doris Hartl, MA / Owner / Aroha Consulting

Aroha Consulting /// Ingredients: Logo / Responsive Webdesign / Image Editing / Iconography

FMV Web Design

FMV /// Ingredients: Responsive Web Design

vonArenstorff Website

vonArenstorff - FINE INTERIOR GmbH /// Ingredients: Responsive Web Design / Image Editing / Iconography

Homepage Orthofit

Orthofit /// Ingredients: Logo / Web Design / Image Editing / Online Brochure


Golf Senza Confini Travisio /// Ingredients: Web Design / Info Graphics / Online Ticketing

Website Kanzlei Jell

"Up-to-date and at the pulse of time - modern "one page layout" for the Austrian patent law firm Jell. The Website has been implemented with Responsive Design - now the website runs smoothly on desktop, tablet and mobile phone."

Manuela Goldner / ARTINA Design

ARTINA Design /// Ingredients: Web Design

Homepage dlp

DLP /// Ingredients: Web Design


AIRMEDIA /// Ingredients: Web Design


Textile Design

Opulent Alloverprint
Opulent Alloverprint

Voguetex /// Ingredients: Allover Print


Voguetex /// Ingredients: Allover Print

Leitner, Corporate Pattern

Pattern Design /// Ingredients: Textile Design

Bikini pink

Pattern Design /// Ingredients: Textile Design / Patterndesign

Fine Art Print Scarf

Fine Art Print /// Ingredients: Pattern Design / Scarf Illustration

Rock geld Your Skirt

Your Skirt /// Ingredients: Textile Design / Patterndesign

Fineartprint Tasche

Fineartprint /// Ingredients: Textile Design / Patterndesign

Pattern Design Top Orchid

Pattern Design /// Ingredients: Textile Design

Jafra Tuch

Adinnovate for Jafra /// Ingredients: Textile Design / Pattern Design

Bohemian Shirt

Free Work /// Ingredients: Textile Design / Placement Print

F2 Rashguard Textile Design

F2 international /// Ingredients: Team Outfit / Sportswear Design / Textile Design / Placement Prints

F2 international Hemd

F2 international /// Ingredients: Sportswear Design / Textile Design / Placement Prints

Peak Zero T-Shirt

Peak Zero /// Ingredients: Sportswear Design / Textile Design / Placement Prints

Yogakissen Blossom

Blossom /// Ingredients: Patterndesign / Allover Prints

F2 Neoprenanzüge

F2 international /// Ingredients: Textile Design / Product Design / Placement Prints


Product Design & Packaging

BWT packaging design
BWT packaging design

BWT water+more /// Ingredients: Packaging Design

BWT packaging collected

BWT water+more /// Ingredients: Packaging Design / Photo Editing

Commend Give-away Packaging

Commend International /// Ingredients: Give Away / Packaging Design

Boa Technology Packaging Design

Boa Technology /// Ingredients: Packaging / Give Away / Corporate Pattern

Verpackung Di Emilio

Di Emilio /// Ingredients: Packaging / Pattern Design / Logo

Ernesto Verpackungsdesign

Ernesto /// Ingredients: Logo / Business Card / Packaging

Granabelle Verpackungsdesign

Free Work /// Ingredients: Packaging / Pattern Design

cat food packaging

Free Work /// Ingredients: Packaging Design / Pattern Design

Packaging Samen

Free Work /// Ingredients: Packaging / Pattern Design


Gustella /// Ingredients: Product Design / Packaging

Orange Juice Packaging

Gustella /// Ingredients: Packaging / Product Design

DaVinci Golf

DaVinci Golf /// Ingredients: Packaging

Skidesigns Women

Conceptional Work /// Ingredients: Product Design / Illustration / Sporting Goods Design

Skidesigns Sport

Conceptional Work /// Ingredients: Product Design / Illustration / Sporting Goods Design

Snowboard Kaleidoskop

Free Work /// Ingredients: Product Design / Snowboard Design Kaleidoskop


Free Work /// Ingredients: Skidesign / Product Design / Sport Design

Skidesigns Kids

Conceptional Work /// Ingredients: Product Design / Illustration / Sporting Goods Design

Snowboard Design Geisha

DGS /// Ingredients: Snowboard Design Geisha


Conceptional Work /// Ingredients: Protector Product Design


Free Work /// Ingredients: Product Design / Patterndesign

Matmaker Matte

matmaker /// Ingredients: Product Design / Patterndesign


The Leitner-Corporate-Pattern, created by Artina, opens up several new possibilities of applications. e.g. the branding of our seat covers.

Brigitte Leitner, Marketing & Sales / Leitner Ergonomic Furniture

Leitner Ergonomic Furniture /// Ingredients: Corporate Pattern

Flip Flops

Pattern Design /// Ingredients: Product Design

Papilio Hausschuhe

Papillio /// Ingredients: Patterndesign / Allover Print


The Team

With our good taste we always find the right dosage!


Martina Stadler Agenturleitung
Martin Gadermeier, Mag. Business Development
Philipp Stadler
Web Development










Manuela Goldner Grafikdesign
Ina Cathrin Mielke Grafikdesign
Jolanda Nwoha Grafikdesign