Corporate Design

‚Gesundheitspraxis Seifriedsberger‘ is represented in a modern and slight Logo as well as Corporate Design.

The heart with the person stands for agility and vitality, which is further emphasized by a warm color scheme.

The icons serve as decorative elements as well as display the various working areas of ‘Gesundheitspaxis Seifriedsberger‘.

The Corporate Design is seasoned with a breeze of life-affirming quotes.

‚ARTINA’s detailed approach to my Corporate Design has been new to me and at the same time very exciting as well as self-reflective. Although, I had certain ideas regarding to the Logo etc. I was very open to what is going to come as well as curious.

Step-by-Step the final and ideal design in the form of Logo, Color Scheme and Layout has been elaborated by ARTINA to my complete satisfaction. At the moment, I am looking forward to my new Website!

Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation!“

Johannes Seifriedsberger / Owner of ‘Gesundheitspraxis Seifriedsberger’


Color Scheme
Pictorial World


1 Tbsp Clarity
3 Tsps Color
1 Tsp Quotes
10 ml Icons
1 Breeze Photographs
1 Big portion Ease

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