Organic means enjoyment

Within the Print Forms we have created various courses for Makellos.
The seasoning focused on the right balance between image photos, product photos, lovely iconography and suitable texts.

  • The organic farm shop of Makellos is lovingly reproduced in the 4 pages of the Image Brochure. The design is friendly and appealing. The synergy of icons, nature photographs, product presentations as well as photos around the farm shop create a complement overall picture which perfectly communicates the philosophy of Makellos.
  • The seal stamp is a real eye candy and turns every envelope into something special.

Acquired the taste? Click here for the  Makellos Shop.



Image brochure
Seal Stamp


5 Packages Embossing
1 tsp suitable texts
2 kg Image photos
1 breeze iconography
large serving of brand understanding
1 tbs emotion